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Artist Statement - Weston Holland Photography


There was always something about photography that caught my eye. I received my first camera when I was a senior in high school and what started off objectively as a means to “capture the moment” soon evolved into something else. I realized I could achieve more than just a photo If I took the time to see the beauty around me. I could create art just by framing what I thought was beautiful in the settings I found myself in. Art and beauty is all around us, all the time, you just have to slow down to see it. This philosophy has continued to help form my unique style of shooting over the years. I am inspired by all environments both natural and urban. I find beauty in decay as well as new growth. There’s grandeur in an epic landscape as well as micro details on the surface of a leaf. My goal as a photographer/artist is to inspire my viewer to look closer and see the beauty of the world around them. 


Weston & his partner Christina spent the majority of their childhood and young adult lives living in Bemidji, MN. They now live in Tucson, AZ with their 3 cats and 2 dogs, doing their best to homestead and pursue their art and business dreams. Weston enjoys hiking, gardening, and cooking in his spare time. 

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